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Modular NPB – Flexible Configuration, Unbeatable Value
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Welcome to Niagara Networks™

the industry’s newest Network Visibility company with a remarkable history.

Niagara Networks helps Service Providers and Enterprise Data Centers implement the most advanced visibility, monitoring and security solutions whether 1G or 100G. Niagara Networks’ product family is the result of sophisticated systems architecture and advanced product designs developed and produced by Interface Masters Technologies, a leading Silicon Valley Network Solutions provider to OEM customers from market leaders to cutting edge new companies. Now an independent company, Niagara leads the industry with deployments of 100G security solutions today, and in the future 400G and beyond.




What people are saying

"Niagara is the only company with the right products to meet our needs at no extra cost"

VP of Technology

"We needed a secure Network Packet Broker solution with great network visibility, minimum real estate, and low cost. After careful evaluation, we chose Niagara Networks over other vendors because of their exceptional product line and customer responsiveness. Niagara Networks gave us a secure, flexible network infrastructure with a quick turnaround."

CTO, Research Establishment

"Niagara Networks assisted us in lowering our operational costs by optimizing network connectivity and enhancing integration of what previously had been a collection of stand-alone in-store gadgets and network fragments. The outcome was remarkably better visibility into the operating status of our vast network architecture"

Core Network Manager

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Niagara Networks from A to Z
We have actually been engineering and selling Network Visibility products to end customers for monitoring and network security deployments for about six years. Our portfolio offers users a broad choice of product including Network Packet Brokers (NPBs), Network TAPs, and Bypass Switches." -Ben Askarinam, CEO
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Five Reasons a Network TAP is Better than a SPAN Port
I’m sure you’re already aware of the battle between the Network TAP and the SPAN port for network monitoring purposes. Both of these serve the function of mirroring traffic on your network and sending it to out-of-band security tools such as intrusion detection systems, network recorders, or network analyzers.
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The Past, Present, and Future of Network Packet Brokers
It was a critical time in the evolution of Ethernet networks. Gigabit Ethernet was just beginning to transition from a few high-cost uplink ports, to being used for the mid-2000s era of inexpensive rackmount servers. In the highest performance servers, even 10 Gigabit Ethernet was being deployed. Niagara’s Packet Brokers…
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