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EoL Products

End of Life Products

EoL process commences EoL announcement. Announcement to customers is provided on the support section of the Niagara Networks web site. In some cases, customers may be contacted directly.

End-of-Sale (EoS) date, is the last date the product is available for purchase. Niagara Networks may continue to accept orders if it has stock of such products and it is commercially viable to do so; however, support will only be offered in accordance with this EoL policy or such other terms as Niagara Networks may advise the customer.

After that date, Niagara Networks will continue to service products under warranty or maintenance contract until the EoL date. During this period, Niagara Networks will use commercially reasonable efforts, at its discretion, to address critical software issues with hot patches or maintenance releases.

After the EoL date, the product will no longer have technical support or repair support of any kind.

An EoL process will not change the limited warranty period for hardware and software of products.

Niagara Networks reserves the right to replace any defect products in an EoL process with a comparable product for the duration warranty or maintenance contract.

To assist in the transition period in the EoL process, customers are encouraged to move to alternative products in Niagara’s product offering.

The following list specifies products that are included in the EoL process:

Product EoS Date EoL Date
Niagara 2813 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 3212 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 3213 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2295 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2296 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2297A 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2298A 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2298P 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 3216PT 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2842 & 2822 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-16
Niagara 2810 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-17
Niagara 4232-4XL 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-17
Niagara 4330-8X 1-Sep-16 1-Sep-17
Niagara 4208 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4216 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4224 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4248 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4212Xm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4224Xm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4236Xm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4260Xm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4224X-6XLm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4224X-12XLm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4248X-12XLm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 4260X-6XLm 1-July-17 1-July-20
Niagara 3416 1-May-17 1-May-18
Niagara 3218 1-May-17 1-May-18
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