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Use Cases


A Case of a Tier 1 Service Provider

A Case of a Tier 1 Service Provider

In the current competitive and budget-constrained marketplace, service providers are more focused on maximizing the value of their network investments and optimizing their network efficiency. A tier 1 service provider needed a versatile solution to achieve efficient network operations and capitalize on their return on investment (ROI).​ After accessing several different vendor solutions, they selected Niagara Networks to answer their network visibility needs and as a result:

· Reduced its costs significantly

· Avoided unnecessary costs

· ​Reduced footprint through higher port density

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A Case of a Prominent Government Entity

A GOV use case

A Prominent Government Entity was using a network traffic manipulation solution for their security and bandwidth management needs. Being in research & development, they had a lofty goal to begin supporting newer technologies. However, this goal was difficult to achieve because their existing network environment was burdened with insufficient bandwidth and lack of network agility.

Dealing with new budget allocations and network real estate constraints and having current solution not offering high port density, client had to pay a hefty amount for useless features they didn’t need. So, they found a more efficient, effective, and cost-conscious solution that would cater to their specific needs of providing high port density, agility, security and network visibility while occupying less network real estate, at a much lower cost.

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