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NOSE - Niagara OS

In today’s networks, security, monitoring, application and performance appliances are instrumental for smooth operation, meeting state and federal regulations and securing integrity of the network and users. People often tend to neglect the monitoring infrastructure and the importance of these appliances and tools. As traffic passes the network, these tools require access to specific traffic, application or flow. Therefore, management and optimization of tools are instrumental for well-functioning, secured networks. 

Niagara Networks’ Network Operating Software Edition (NOSE) provides the intelligence required for improving performance, monitoring and security of networks. As the enabler of multiple applications, the NOSE can groom, trim, optimize and manipulate any packet that is sent from the production network to Niagara Networks’ distributed architecture.

Network operations and security teams can share access to end-to-end visibility provided by NOSE.  Additionally, access to any element of the Niagara Network is achieved through the NVC platform, running an Openflow interface. 

Table – Application and description


Description and Benefits

High Performance Non-Blocking Monitoring and Security Distributed Network Layout

  • Module can be inserted into 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb slot. Line rate of 100Gb/s in any slot 
  • Reduce capital expenditure by supporting service chaining infrastructure 
  • Support high throughput monitoring of all traffic

Enhanced Packet and Flow Filtering 

  • Deep packet filter matching offset bytes
  • Ability to filter protocols based on inner fields  
  • Filter based on custom pattern matching
  • Filter based on MAC, VLAN, IPv4/6, L4, TCP flags, and tunneling protocols

Inline Bypass

  • Fault tolerant capability to all security and inline appliances 
  • Unique 40Gb and 100Gb inline bypass solution
  • Modular platform supports 100Gb network access with multiple 10Gb inline bypass appliances 
  • Single platform provides load sharing to multiple inline bypass appliances at different interfaces from 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, or 100Gb

Protocol Removal

  • Remove protocols headers such as MPLS, GRE, GTP, VN-TAG, Q-in-Q, RSPAN, VX LAN for further filtering
  • Simplified monitoring with protocol header removed
  • Recalculate CRC for traffic integrity 

Matching Filters counters

  • NOSE provides advanced statistics and traffic integrity on the Niagara Networks elements

Flow Masking

  • Ability to recognize a flow and mask it from the data
  • Define specific time duration for the masking  

Time Stamping 

  • 1588/NTP/GPS time stamping
  • 2.5PPM frequency error


  • Up tp 2M flows
  • 4 packet (IP), 32 Packets (Non IP)


  • Radius
  • SNMPV3
  • Syslog and Rsyslog
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